TFTP Client

Yes, FTP Rush is a TFTP Client too
TFTP is Trivial File Transfer Protocol, a very light and small file transfer protocol with UDP and provides a basic form of FTP, and You can use TFTP client to download or upload files to switches, hubs, routers and other network-connected devices.

Microsoft Windows provides a simply TFTP command-line application, but it's not user-friendly for the beginner. What about a powerful GUI program with TFTP supports?

Our FTPRush is not just an FTP client or FXP client, and it is also a real TFTP client, allows you download or upload files with your TFTP server just like playing with the FTP site, is it cool?

How to set up a TFTP site
In the Site Manager window, create a new FTP site, select the "TFTP" protocol, and set server address in the Site Properties dialog.