Proxy Settings with FTP Rush

What is Proxy Server
A Proxy Server is a computer running proxy program and allows you connect to a target server by using it as a middle layer. The Proxy server can be located in your internal network gateway or over the internet; it forwards your requests to the target server and returns the server response to you.

Most users use a proxy server to improves the speed to the target server, for example, your connection speed to the target server is very bad, but the speed from the proxy server to target server is fine, and your connection speed to the proxy is fine too, why not use a proxy?

Our FTP client offers HTTP proxy, Socks4/4a, Socks5, and FTP proxy for you to enable fast speed to target the FTP server. And the proxy setting is very easy to switch. You may set proxy servers for all FTP sites except some sites don't need a proxy, or set a unique proxy for a single FTP site, or disable proxy only when you download FTP files. Is it powerful? Yeap!

How to use Proxy with FTP client
Our FTP client provides two ways to play with the proxy setting, the one is Global Proxy Setting, Starts FTP client, and hits F6 key to displays Option dialog and click "Proxy Server" in the left side, it allows you to add or modify many proxy servers and options.

Then in the FTP client's main window, you can use the proxy dropdown Combobox to select a proxy server to use or just disable it.

Another way is for set proxy server individually for sites, hits F3 key in the main window to displays Site Manager window, then double click on the site you want to set, click "Proxy Server" on the left side in the Site Properties dialog.