Mode Z Compression

Why need Compression (MODE Z)
What will you usually do when you need to upload a large file to the FTP server? Compress the file first then upload it via FTP client? Yes, this is a good way, normally a word file decrease 90% size after compressed, but think about it, do you have time to do it when there are a lot of files need to be compressed? Another example is: the FTP client connects to the server and sends a LIST command to get directory list, unlucky the directory list is very large, it may cost 30 seconds to get the transfers done, do you like this way?

FTP client with MODE Z Compression
You may want FTP clients to do compressing files before it is transferred, that's what FTP Rush brings to you now! It does on-the-fly compression to save your bandwidth and your time. We called it "MODE Z," with the MODE Z technology you just need to upload or download files as same as before, the client does compress files in the background and transfers them automatically, and no compression utility is needed!

How to Enable Mode Z
To enable Mode Z compression, first you need to make sure the server supports this feature, don't worry about it, our FTP client will send an FTP FEAT command to the server, if the server returns a response with MODE Z supports, the client opens the compression automatically for you.