GUI Customization for FTP Rush

How to install the downloaded layout for FTP Rush client
Quit FTP Rush client first and then go to the FTPRush Data folder, extract the compressed file into \Style directory. If there is not such a directory, please create a "Style" folder and copy layout files to it.

The structure of FTP client layout directory should like below:


Launch FTP client now and click on Tools > Layout > LoadLayout...

Another way to loading downloaded layout file
First, you need to make sure the downloaded layout is a ".frl" file, then starts FTP Rush client and click on Tools > Layout > Save current layout, there is an "Import" button in the dialog, click it to import your downloaded layout file, then click "Ok' button. Now select the new layout from Tools > Layout > LoadLayout.

FTP client layout lost
We offer full-featured intuitive GUI with FTP client, and the layout can be fully customized for you, After you customized the interface, FTPRush saves what you designed to disk file automatically.

But you may lose your current layout when your computer power fails or did not close the FTP client correctly.

Just simple steps to fix the layout issue
Step 1: first you need to locate FTPRush's data folder, if you don't know what's the data folder, please start FTPRush, and hits F6 key to displays the Options dialog, you will find the "Data folder path" edit box in the "General" page. Simply copy the data folder path text and paste it into your windows explorer address bar and press Enter key, then you are in the FTP client data folder now!

Step 2: now please close FTP Rush client, then delete the file named "Rushbar.ini" from the data folder, start FTPRush you will find all are back! If it's not working, please delete the file named "Rushdock.ini" too, and try again.

If you customized the FTP client interface before and you want to load it again, please use "File" > "Restore configuration from backup file" menu to reload your old backup layout file, before doing it, backup your rushcfg.xml and rushsite.xml first.

What are Personalized Menus
Personalized Menus is a great feature to keep the menus you use most at the top automatically and hides items you don't use recently. FTPRush is a full-featured FTP client, so there are lots of menu command on the main menu, That's the reason we add "Personalized Menus" functionality for users.

How to disable Personalized Menus

Personalized Menus is useful, but the experienced user may don't like it, so our FTP client offers a way to disable this functionality.

To turn off Personalized Menus, Open FTPRush, and right-click on the main menu, click Customize from the Popup menu, then click the Options tab and place a check beside the "Menus show recently used commands first."