Keep alive your FTP connections

Each FTP connection is a permanent TCP/IP connection, it meaning the server may not provides a lot of connections simultaneously for users since it increases server loading in this way. Most FTP server limits max online connections, for example, 50 to 200 users and disconnect your connection if you are idle at the server within 30 to 60 seconds.

Most users complain about this behavior because the server kicks them out when they are browsing a remote directory, and they must connect the server again and again, waste time and patience!

Is there a way to avoiding it? Yeap! Our FTP client sends a random command such as NOOP or LIST or CWD to the server in order to keep the connection alive every several minutes. For example, when you are looking for a file in the server or just leave away for coffee, it sends "NOOP" or random commands to avoiding timeout from the server to let the FTP server thinking you are doing something, not an idler!

How to enable Keep alive option?
Starts your FTP client and press the F6 key to displays the Options dialog and click the "Keep-Alive" node. Make sure you checked the "Enable Keep-Alive" checkbox, It demonstrates the way to connect the server again automatically when got kicked.