FTP Rush Release Notes:

Version 2.2.0
[x] Fixed a bug when using AUTH TLS authentication.

Version 2.1.8
[x] Fixed bugs when using single connection mode.
[x] Fixed a bug - some issue when you specify "Local Path" for a site.
[x] Fixed a bug - incorrect display of directory list when transfer is completed.
[x] Fixed a bug - can't resume download sometimes.

Version 2.1.6
[x] Fixed a bug - Queues can not be deleted when connetions are broken.

Version 2.1.5
[x] Fixed a bug - Queue can not restart after connetion interrupt recovery.
[x] Fixed a bug - Can not close connection tab sometimes.
[x] Fixed a bug - Tab icon can't be displayed correctly.

Version 2.1.4
[x] Fixed site download/upload limits reset to 2 when restart ftprush
[+] Added Turkish language file
[x] Updated Arabic language file
[x] Updated German language file

Version 2.1.3
[+] Added an option "Single connection mode"
[+] Added limits for max download and upload logins
[x] Fixed can not check new version
[x] Fixed failed transfers do not disappear from queue
[x] Fixed can not resume or delete queue when transfer connection is lost
[x] Fixed can not download linux symbolic links
[x] Fixed activity arrows on the tabs do not show correctly

Version 2.1.2
[x] Fixed can not transfer utf8 filename with SSH connection
[x] Fixed do not show progress correctly when resume a SSH transfer
[x] Fixed can not auto disconnect after transfer
[x] Fixed can not show some special local directory under Windows 7
[x] Fixed can not restart transfer when transfer connection idle timeout

Version 2.1.1
[+] Added an option "Login with Utf-8 Username"
[+] Added a portable version (please do not put the portable version into directory "C:\Program Files" if you are using Windows Vista/7 with UAC enabled)
[*] Improved SSH download speed
[*] Improved scripts support
[x] Do not clear queue window when transfer finished
[x] Do not refresh local file size when transfer finished
[!] Updated Arabic language

Version 2.1.0
[+] simultaneous transfer limit per site
[+] public key authentication for SSH connection
[x] Fixed random freeze window issue
[x] Fixed random crash issue
[x] Can not transfer 0 byte files by SSH connection
[x] Can not sort queue by progress
[x] Tray icon animation do not start

Version 2.0.1 beta
[+] Single connection mode (just set simultaneous transfers to 0)
[+] Queue time and Elapsed time
[x] Crash issue when exiting FTP Rush
[x] Can not show Chinese file name with SSH connection
[x] Can not change progress bar color

Version 2.0.0 beta
[+] Added support for simultaneous transfer
[x] Fixed SFV checking bug
[x] Fixed user can not log in some FTP Server with Chinese username
[x] Fixed SSH connection issue with some FTP Server
[x] Fixed GUI issue under Windows 7

Version 1.1.3
[x] Fixed layout issue
[x] Fixed SSL Connection with Wing FTP Server

[x] Fixed SFV checking

[+] updrush.exe updated, recommend upgrading it
[x] Fixed downloading failed when the folder name including space

[x] Fixed Native theme painting in Vista
[x] Fixed Resize dock window with flicking

[x] flicking when resize window
[x] when wakeup a queueitem may break the transfer

[*] Added a rushuser.lib to load default user data when first run
[x] Fixed a waiting queue bug since

[x] Fixed high CPU usage when ftp.transfer be called
[*] RushApp.DeleteEmptyContainers renamed to RushApp.DeleteEmptyTabs

[*] Better/Fast arithmetic for waiting queues

[x] AV errors when exit ftprush with transferring

[+] New flag: RS_DELEMPTYTAB for RushApp.FTP.Transfer
[x] Since 1.0.0625 some unicode features broken
[*] Improved GUI kernel

[+] new function: RushApp.DeleteEmptyContainers

[x] Fixed "out of range" error in script

[x] Fixed Containers object in script

[+] Allow bypass proxy on datachannel(site properties/connection/proxy server)
[x] Check_Login do not set QueueItem as standby status anymore

[*] kernel improvements
[*] Script engine improvements
[*] Compiled script file extension changed to ".pc0"
[*] Memory Manager improvements

[x]Fixed UPnP with Tomato Firmware
[x]Fixed UPnP when Router use static/dhcp IP
[x]Fixed "STAT -l" with new glFTPD

[x] Fixed bug when resume upload/download 2GB+ file
[x] Fixed bug when check new version automatically

[+] RushApp.FTP.EnableSite(Sitename:string;ThisSession:boolean);
[+] RushApp.FTP.DisableSite(Sitename:string;ThisSession:boolean);

[x] Fixed MLSD attributes with Unix.Mode string

[*] Now uploading file will update file datetime always
[x] Fixed a MDTM Command bug
[x] "Modify date of FTP files" now use FTP Server TimeZone automatically

[*] Improved Lock/Unlock Toolbar/Dock actions

[*] LiveUpdate now is for registered user only
[x] Quick connect to a ftp with port 22 now do not use sftp protocol
[x] Wrong GUI painting in Vista with Office 11 style
[x] Wrong Version checking when liveupdate

[x] when XCRC enabled, do not use sfv checking anymore

[x] Do not try to get ftp file time when View File
[x] Do not try to get ftp file xcrc when View File

[x] SSL FXP disabled after a Non-SSL FXP transfer

[x] Do not create "my ftprush downloads" when default download path exists
[x] Fixed auto detect resume mode when server do not support resume ASCII files

[*] FTPRush.exe signed with digital certificate
[x] Proxy Form did not saved anonymous information

[*] Improved Vista Compatibility of the installer
[*] minor changes with GUI kernel
[x] CRC thread returns error when file is in use

[x] Fixed a bug in Listview

[x] CompleteFlag now do not skip files/folders

[+] Add "PortableData=1" to "License" section from ftprush.ini, Load setting from current folder
[x] A bug when restore from trayicon

[*] Improved compatibility of HTTP Tunnel Proxy
[x] Do not force upgrading to new version
[x] Use old version protection method

[x] Fixed a multithreaded dead lock bug
[x] Wrong shell icons in Vista
[x] Can not remove license key from about dialog

[x] Queue window lost selection after moved items

[+] new confirm option: "when delete queue file" (option/confirm)
[*] use ftprush.exe -f param if you want to load the setting from installed dir
[*] improves uploading speed

[x] Lost shell icons when C: partition not exists

[x] skip "zero file file" not working if filename match site allowlist

[x] The PRET STOR command did not sent when PASV mode
[x] Fixed a bug when import plain format skiplist file

[+] %W% added to skip/allow mask, means matching full path
[+] New skiplist, supporting matching full path, and split upload/download/fxp
[x] did not saved "use skiplist" of per site
[x] Some wrong actions with skiplist/allowlist

[x] Wrong folder/file icons when list some ftp server with Unix directory style

[x] AV errors when click "apply" in option dialog
[x] Now do not sent "PRET STOR" when uploading and FTP is active mode

[*] improved the -r commandline, with 'x','t' attributes. check help file for details
[x] Now UPnP works with multiple NIC card.

[+] commandline: ftprush.exe -r, run all queue when startup and minimize to tray; Licensed version only

[x] Reset standby queue items after drop to another queue window

[*] font color of active tab did not repaint after click "apply"/"ok" button

[*] Relogin/Recent sites items now display name with short description

[x] Use Ctrl+W hotkey to close tabs may cause AV error
[x] XDUPE not working with PRET STOR

[+] Allow set font color of active tab (option/display/layout)

[x] Wrong layout of site peroperty dialog with large font , since 1.0.0586

[x] AV error when Add/Remove a Flash disk to computer

[*] Parsing user:pass@ip:port in proxy form
[*] Recent sites raise to 16 entries
[*] Speedup painting with Office11 style
[*] GUI kernel updated
[*] Allow moving a floating dock window when layout(bar/dock) was locked
[x] AV when resize or restore from trayicon

[*] when configuration file damaged ftprush will prompt retore action at startup
[x] AV error when load "condition transfer" dialog from build 1.0.0590

[+] Set default scheme for "Condition transfer"
[+] Command line: ftprush.exe -f"custom_data_folder_path"
[+] Click "Condition Transfer" with SHIFT key pressed will do transfer with default scheme automatically
[x] "Condition transfer" bug fixs
[x] bug fix for patching old RushBar.ini when loading layout

[x] AV error when exiting FTPRush and running "invoke" script
[x] Custom List command did not allow editing since 1.0.0584

[+] Allow to see password of upload/download account of site properties dialog
[+] Allow to see password of proxy form
[x] Multiple rename now replace all "." if the name is a folder
[x] Multiple rename now allow use "[N12-]" format

[+] Monitor folder feature of site now resolve date variables
[+] Remote path of site now resolve date variables when connecting
[x] AV error when restore from tray
[x] Process explorer can restore FTPRush without asking password when locked to tray

[*] Showing site properties dialog is fater than before
[x] Clipboard monitor disabled when locked to tray

[*] When FEAT contains "REST STREAM", do not send RESUME command
[x] Now autocomplete property of address in site property dialog diabled
[x] No more tray hints when locked to tray

[+] "Apply" button,(option dialog)
[*] Showing option dialog is faster than before
[x] now remove the "." if PWD result is "/xxxx/xxxx/." format
[x] minor fix for loading recent sites from disk
[x] AV error when removed a proxy from option dialog
[x] Remote/Local window now don't resize column width when sorting

[*] Improved Script kernel
[x] Popup window did not appear when "Queue Transferred" enabled and "No transfer" disabled
[x] after drag action, remote/local window lost selection since build 575
[x] fixed a float exception when active tray hint
[x] address edit of quick connect bar did not save text after mouse click on another edit
[x] the gradient property of progressbar did not be loaded when startup

[+] Import/Export XML format site file, do need restart FTPRush when import/export and allow select a group to import/export