How to configure an SFTP reverse proxy?

2024/01/29 23:41 Posted by admin

If your company has high SFTP traffic, a single server may not be able to handle it properly, because SFTP protocol is quite CPU intensive. In this case, you need to use an SFTP reverse proxy with multiple SFTP servers. Our Wing Gateway and Wing FTP Server can meet this requirement perfectly. By performing a few steps of configuration on WingFTP's Administration interface, all SFTP connections can be evenly distributed to multiple WingFTP servers through Wing Gateway.

The specific configuration steps are as follows:

First, add a gateway under "Server > Settings > Gateway Manager" like following screenshot.

Then, edit the existing SFTP listener (or add a new SFTP listener) under "Domain > Settings > Listeners". Just select a gateway and specify the SFTP port (default is 22) that the gateway will listen to.

In this way, Wing Gateway which sits in the DMZ will listen on its WAN port 22 and accept connections from the internet. As a reverse proxy server, it will forward all SFTP requests from the internet to the internal WingFTP servers, it also provides an extra layer of security and load balancing for incoming SFTP connections.