FTP Rush 免费的FTP客户端 - FTP Rush

FTP Rush是一个Windows平台下的高性能 FTP 客户端, 同时它也是一个优秀的 FXP 客户端, 不仅如此, 它还完美支持 SFTP 协议和 TFTP 协议. 您可以使用FTP Rush来进行文件上传下载和服务器对服务器传输. FTP Rush支持完全的界面自定义,您可以定制出您喜欢的界面布局和风格, 通过内置的脚本功能您还可以轻松地制作自动化任务.




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I am writing this message with the extra time I have saved by using FTP Rush, the ultimate FTP/FXP software. I am very pleased with this product. I've tested many other FTP clients and found yours to be the easiest to get started with and still have the most powerful features I needed to automate the FTP client. With an intuitive and clean tabbed two-panel layout, FTP Rush makes file transfer simple. It's easy to setup and if configured right simplifies FTP/FXP transfers to merely a couple of mouse clicks. I am also very pleased with the quick responses to my feedback and suggestions. Keep it going, FTP Rush!
It has a friendly and fully customizeable user interface, makes it easy to get in and use. And it is much more powerful than other similar FTP clients.
The best and most flexible, advanced and versatile FTP client, it has all you could ever dreamed of. TRY IT, you wont be able to say no.