World readable Directory

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World readable Directory

Postby ewuewu » Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:58 am

Maybe I have a problem in understanding how I can solve my requiremnet with wing ftp server.
I would like to upload a zipped file to a username/password protected dir (called upload).

I have also a dir called download. This dir and all dirs below should be world readable (not writeable) without any protection.

After uploading a zip-file to teh ulpoad-dir the file should be unzipped into a (automatically created) dir below the download dir with the name of the zipfile.

In that dir should reside all files and subdirs from the zipfile. Afterwards I would like to have unprotecetd access to this newly created dir, files, subdirs via ftp/ftps and http/https.

Wich link would I have to send to my customers for accessing the newly created dir and files by http?
I would prefer a link like ''

Can I meet this requirement with wing ftp?

I understand that I have to create scripts for this solution. My problem is to understand the access mechanism.

Thx in advance
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