Post here if you have some suggestions or you want to request a new feature for FTP Rush.


Postby japentery » Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:21 am

hi there ;)

1) split servers in "Switch Servers" for multi-column when more than N rows

2) add an option to only apply "Skip List" or "Skip List of Site" in the root directory

3) add the reverse regex search (ie. (?=pattern) , (?!pattern) )

4) continue to implement the parameters of Rush.FTP.Transfer which were not implemented before. (ie. Timeout)

5) transmission will be stuck when the following happens:
[1] RETR 123.rar
[1] 550 123.rar: No such file or directory.
[2] ABOR
[2] Timeout, Connection closed
[2] Timeout, Connection closed
[1] 550 123.rar: No such file or directory.
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