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Welcome to the WingFTP's Web Client!


Web Client is a web application that allows you to access or share files merely by a standard web browser. It is simple and very useful, with it you can connect to the server from anywhere.


It supports most popular web browsers, such as IE 6.0+, Firefox 1.5+, Google Chrome, Opera 9.6+, Safari 3.1+, etc.


Web Client contains basic functions like Windows Explorer and brings the below excellent features to you:



Thumbnail View Mode - With this you can see small images representing the contents of any file without having to download the entire file.

HTML5 Uploader - You can easily upload files in web client, supports both HTML5 and Flash, supports Drag&Drop and multi-threads.

Online Text Editor - This function enables you to view or modify a text file.

Search For Files - Users can recursively search for files using exact filename matches or wildcard matches.

Built-in Media Player -  This little feature helps you to play video and audio files, and flash files too.

Picture Viewer - You can watch PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP photos with the picture viewer or play them as slide show.

Support for iOS/Andriod - This iOS or Andriod user can easily access the web client.

Web Link- Share your files with direct web links, you can also set the limit number of download or expiration date.

File Request Link - You can request files with just a link, you can also set the upload password or expiration date.

Zip/Unzip Files - Zip or unzip files(folders) on the server, save your download/upload time.