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Welcome to WingFTP - Web Client


Web Client is a web application that allows you to access or share files merely by a web browser. It is simple and useful, and also supports many features (such as web link or file request link) which FTP/SFTP client doesn't have. It is compatible with most popular web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.



Web Client contains basic functions like Windows Explorer and also brings the below excellent features to you:


Multi-file Uploader - You can upload multiple files or an entire folder in Web Client easily, also supports HTML5 drag&drop operation.

Multi-file Downloader - Using a Chrome (or Firefox) extension "Wing Download Manager", for downloading multiple files/folders in Web Client.

Online Text Editor - This function enables you to view or modify some text file without downloading it.

Search Files - Users can recursively search for files using exact filename matches or wildcard matches.

Built-in Media Player -  This feature helps you to play video files (.MP4, .MOV) and audio files (.MP3, .OGG, .WAV) online.

Picture Viewer - You can simply view PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP images in the picture viewer.

Support for iOS/Android - The mobile version of Web Client has a simpler interface for iOS or Android's browser.

WebLink - Share the files or folders with just a link, you can also set a limited number of downloads or download password.

File Request Link - Request files from your client with just a link, you can also set the upload password or expiration date for the link.

Zip/Unzip - Creating zip archives or extracting zip archives on the server directly, save your download/upload time.