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Domain Log

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Here you can configure domain log settings.



Log Filename

All the domain log files will be stored under the folder "Log/YourDomain", and you can define the custom filename for the log files, you can also use the following wildcard characters for filename:


%Y - Current year

%M - Current month, 1-12

%D - Current day, 1-31

%MM - Current month, 01-12

%DD - Current day, 01-31

%HH - Current hour, 00-23



Log Maxsize

The log file will be ignored if it reaches the limit you defined.


Compress old logs

The log of the previous day will be automatically compressed into a zip file for saving the disk space.


Display timestamp with milliseconds

Turn on this option to display timestamp with milliseconds for the domain logs.



File & Screen Logging Options

Choose types of logs to be stored in the log files or to be displayed under "Domain > Logs & Status > Domain Log".