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Enable FXP

Activate or deactivate FTP transfer from server to server.


Enable FTP command 'OPTS UTF8 ON'

You can disable it to improve Unicode compatibility when using Windows Explorer.


Enable FTP command 'AUTH TLS/SSL.'

Allow explicit FTP over TLS/SSL.


File timestamp using GMT time

When enabled, file listing uses GMT timestamp. If not checked, the local time will be used instead.


Use customized logo

You can specify a customized logo to be displayed on the Web Client interface, only for this domain.


Enable HTTP welcome message

You can enable this option and define the welcome message, then the logged in HTTP(S) session will see the message.


Transfer buffer size

Transfer buffer size used to transfer data (default is 65535). You can increase this value if you want the server to read/write less often from/to the hard drive when clients transfer.


SSH (SFTP) banner

You can define your own SSH (SFTP) banner here.


SSL Certificate

Select an SSL certificate for this domain. You can manage your SSL certificates in "Server -> Settings -> SSL Certificate Manager". SSL certificate is used for encrypting data exchanges between the client and the server. Without certificates, you can not establish TLS/SSL connections (FTPS or HTTPS).


SSH Host Key

Select an SSH host key for this domain. You can manage your SSH host keys at "Server -> Settings -> SSH Host Key Manager". An SSH host key is used for the SFTP connections.


SMTP Configuration

Select an SMTP configuration for this domain. You can manage your SMTP configurations at "Server -> Settings -> SMTP Configuration Manager". SMTP configuration is used for sending emails.


Enable MODE Z support

Activate or deactivate FTP transfer compression.


Default compression level

If FTP Client does not specify the compression level, the server will use this value as default.


Maximum and Minimum allowed compression level

The server only allows the compression level between the minimum value and maximum value.