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Administration Console

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Administration Console is a handy tool for administrators, which is like the Linux "Shell" or the Windows "Command Prompt." You can run administration commands or Lua scripts from the console.


Wing FTP Server provides two types of consoles - Application Console and Web-based Console.


Application Console is an internal application of Wing FTP Server. You can run this application with the command prompt(or the Linux "shell") on the machine that is installed with Wing FTP Server. This application can be very useful when you are running Linux without GUI, and you don't want to manage your server from a remote web browser.


Open a command window (or Linux shell) and navigate to WingFTP's installation folder, then start the program "wftpconsole" with the required parameters. If you are not  sure how to do this,  type command "wftpconsole --help" and you will see a list of all allowed options as follows:


 Allowed options:

 --help                          Show this message

 -u [ --username ] arg            Username (Required field)

 -p [ --password ] arg            Password (Required field)

 -h [ --host ] arg                Remote host IP address,default is localhost

 -P [ --port ] arg                Remote host port,default is 5466

 -f [ --file ] arg                Parse and execute local Lua <file>

 -s [ --ssl ]                    Use SSL connection



Note 1: After successful connection to the local administration, please type the following command to log in:

       wftpconsole -u admin -p admin12345

Note 2: The "lua>>" prompt indicates that you are in the Wing FTP Server administration, and it is ready to receive your commands.
Note 3: By entering command "help," you will get a list of useful administration commands.
Note 4: You can input Lua script and execute it,  like "print(1+2+3)".
Note 5: Quit the console by typing "exit".



Web-based Console


The Web-based Console is quite similar to the Application Console. It is located in the Web-based Administration. When you have logged on the Web admin, click on the left panel of "Administration -> Console" and the Web-based Console will appear on the right panel.

Type the "help" command, and then you can see a list of administration commands.






Type the "domainlist" command to get the domain list on your server.






Type the "userlist" command with a specified domain name to get the user list for that domain.





Lua Scripts


Apart from the Administration commands, normal lua script code can also be run here:






There are lots of server APIs and variables available for your scripts.





You can switch between the Single/Multiple line mode by clicking the icon before the "lua>>" prompt or by pressing "Ctrl + M".


Single Line:        single-line



Multiple Lines:        multi-line


Press "Ctrl+Enter" to submit your multi-lines Lua Scripts code.