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Email Notification

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You need to add an SMTP Server to enable email notification. It takes 6 steps to do this.


Step 1: Click the "Add SMTP Config" button which can be found at "Domains->Settings->General Settings".


Step 2: Enter your name in the Sender Name field.


Step 3: Enter your full email address (e.g. in the Sender Email field.


Step 4: Enter your SMTP Server address in the SMTP Server field.


Step 5: Enter your email username in the SMTP Username field and your password in the SMTP Password field.


Step 6: Tick the "Use SSL" box if your email server requires secure connection.


The picture below shows how to configure with Gmail.



After creating a SMTP configuration, you need to select this configuration in the domain settings, like this:






Use Event Manager to send an email to a specified receiver. You can also specify the subject, priority, text and attach files.