Keep Alive

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Keep Alive


Most FTP Servers support kick idling users from FTP, Keep Alive can helping you stay at FTP Servers


Enable Keep Alive: check this option to enable "Keep Alive" feature


Send "Keep Alive" Command: by sending a FTP Command to treat FTP Server you are not idling.


Interval: decides how many seconds to performa a "Keep Alive" action


Stop Sending Command After: check this option to stop idle after some minutes

And logout from site: if checked this option, FTP Rush will disconnect from site after stop sending keep-alive commands.


Reconnect to FTP when got kicked: when FTP Server kicked you FTP Rush will reconnect to it automatically If this option be checked


Random Send "Keep Alive" Command: Some FTP servers may recognize you are cheating when send same FTP command to keep alive, Check this option FTP Rush will select a command from "Keep Alive" command list and send it to FTP server.