Proxy Server

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Proxy Server


Current Proxy Setting

Shows the proxy setting FTP Rush currently using, you can select a default proxy via drop down the combox


Proxy Server

Add: adds a new proxy address, See Also: Proxy Editor

Edit: edits the selected proxy

Delete : deletes the selected proxy



Send NOOP command during transfer: Sends a NOOP command per minute during transfer to prevent disconnect from server when using proxy.

Use passive mode when using proxy: Forces FTPRUSH to use passive mode when using proxy

Bypass proxy server for local addresses: Sets whether you want to use the proxy server for local (intranet) addresses.



Sets the addresses that do not need to be accessed through proxy server. You can use wild cards to match addresses and use semicolon to separate each address.

For example, 220.67.*;12.1.3.*;211.*



See Also: Proxy of FTP Server Properties