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What's Ident?

Ident is Identification Protocol, provides a means to determine the identity of a user of a particular TCP connection.



Enable Ident: when this option checked, FTP Rush will open Ident feature and listening Ident request from FTP servers.


Enable only when connecting: when this option checked, FTP Rush only listening Ident request when connecting to FTP servers, after connected to FTP server, Ident thread will be closed automatically.


Ident Name: default ident name is "Rush", you need change it to fit you needed


Ident System: dont change "UNIX" except you know what you need to do


Port: default ident port is TCP 113, if you behinds NAT network, you may need to change it to fit "Port Mapping"


Notes: when UPnP enabled, FTP Rush always use Port 113, if more people using identd service inside your internal network, please checked "Enable only when connecting"



See Also: Ident setting of FTP Server