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Using Picture Viewer

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The Picture Viewer is used to preview images or play slide shows in the Web Client. It supports PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP images and photos, and you can see the preview window automatically. Double-click an image to preview it in the Picture Viewer.



To scroll through images

Previous Image  click button "previous" to view the previous image.
Next Image  click button "next" to view the next image.


To zoom in or out on an image

Zoom In  click button "zoom in" to get a close-up view of the image.
Zoom Out  click button "zoom out" to get a smaller and more distant view of the image.


To view an image in its actual size

Click the button "full size" to view the image in its actual size.


To view the best fit for your image

Click the button "reset" to view the image in best fit.


To start a slideshow

Click button "start slide show" to begin the slide show. Then you can click button "stop slide show" to end the slide show.


To download an image

Click the button "download" to download the current image.


To quit Picture Viewer

Click the button "close" to quit Picture Viewer.