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Wing Gateway is a shareware, you can evaluate it free of charge for 15 days. After 15 days, if you want to continue using it, you need to purchase a license through our website:

The registration key will be sent to you via email within 12 hours after you place your order, please make sure your SMTP server won't block our email address:



To register Wing Gateway, you need to open WingFTP's web admin, then navigate to "Server -> Settings -> Gateway Manager -> Select the gateway":

Snap_2018.07.21 22.49.39_014


And then click on the button "Register Wing Gateway" (you can also use this button to view the gateway status):


Snap_2018.07.21 22.50.21_015



Input the license key and click on the button "Register":

Snap_2018.07.21 22.55.59_017