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Server Miscellaneous Settings




Enable Directory List Cache

This feature makes the server temporarily keep the directory list for a specified amount of time. And it will accelerate your file system speed.


Enable Making Thumbnail Images

This option makes the server generate thumbnail images for web clients.


Enable Online Text Edit

This feature makes text files editable online when using web client.


User can change file's modification time

Allow or Disallow FTP/SFTP command for changing file modification time


Disable ECDSA SSH host key

ECDSA SSH host key is enabled by default, anyway, you can disable it.


Enable FTP command 'SITE CHMOD' for Linux/Unix

When this is enabled, the FTP client can use the command "SITE CHMOD permissions filename" to change the permissions of a file/folder. Note: only available on Unix-like operating systems.


Working threads number

The number of threads the server will create to handle client requests. If you want to get high performance, increase this number, but it will take more CPU usage


Maximum Download/Upload Speed

Limits the maximum download/upload bandwidth for the entire server.