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Event Manager

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Use Event Manager to execute Lua script, send an email notification, or run 3rd party program when triggering an event. For example, when you finish uploading a file, a notification email can be sent to the administrator automatically.



Event Actions


1. Execute Command



2. Write Log



3. Send Email



4. Lua Script



All the above actions can use many server variables, like "%Name" for the logged-in in username, "%FileName" for the uploaded file name. You can see a list of the server variables under "Advanced Features -> Server Variables".





Special Events


Some special events will be triggered before handling related activity: BeforeUserLoggedIn, BeforeFileDownloaded, BeforeFileUploaded, BeforeFileDeleted, BeforeDirDeleted

You can use the Lua script to handle such event only. For example, event "BeforeFileUploaded" will be triggered before uploading a file, if you want to block the uploading activity, just set the global variable bCancelEvent into true.




The above Lua script will detect the file extension name, and if the user attempts to upload a .exe or .msi file, then the event "BeforeFileUploaded" will block the uploading activity.


In the event "BeforeUserLoggedIn", the global variable bSelfAuthenticated can be used for customized authentication, when you set this variable into true, the customized authentication is passed.