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User General

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A user account is required in order to obtain access to the server. Click "Add User" button or "Quick Add" button to add a user account.





User Name

User name must be unique, and can not contain any of the following special characters: \ / < > | : ? *.


Enable account

Uncheck this option to disable the user account, disabled accounts remain on the server but cannot log in.



The user password should be complex to prevent brute force attacks.


Expire on

This account would be automatically disabled at the specified time.


Show files/dirs with hidden attribute

With this option, files and directories with hidden attributes will be shown in the file listing.


User can send message to the server

FTP client can send a message to the server via a command "SITE MSG message".


User can change his password

When this option is enabled, Web client can change the password in the main interface, and FTP client can send a command "SITE PSWD oldpass newpass" for changing password.


Enable file download/request link

Enable this option if you want to generate file download/request link for this user.


Enabled protocols

Select the transfer protocols you want to enable for this user.