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Here you can enable "Audit & Report" and "System Log."



Enable Audit & Report

Wing FTP Server will capture all the transactions into a database for you to analyze and generate reports in real-time.



Log Filename

The log file must be given a name before information can be saved to a file. Your system log file will be put in the directory "Log/System" by default. The log filename supports certain wildcard characters, as outlined below.


%D - The current day of the month

%M - The name of the current month

%Y - The 4-digit value of the current year, (e.g., 2009)



Log Maxsize

The log file will no longer be written in when it reaches the limit you set here.



SFTP Log Level

The SFTP debug logs will be stored in the file "Log/ssh_debug_log" by default, and there are 5 logs levels you can choose:


// No logging at all



// Only warnings



// High-level protocol information



// Lower-level protocol information, packet level



// Every function information