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SMTP Server Manager

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SMTP Server is used to send emails. You can configure it here.





Click the "Add SMTP Config" button to add an SMTP server.



The identifier for you to distinguish this SMTP server from other SMTP servers.


Sender Name:

FTP Server will use this as the sender's name.


Sender Email:

FTP Server will use this as the sender's email address.


Need Auth:

To prevent spam emails or other improper behaviors, some ISP will request authentication.

If your SMTP server needs authentication, tick this option and input the username and password.


SMTP Server:

Your outgoing mails will be sent from this mail server. The format shall be a domain name (e.g., or an IP number (e.g., 231.56.789.24).


SMTP Port:

The port the SMTP server is using.


SMTP Username:

The account name is associated with authentication for the SMTP server.


Use SSL:

SMTP server requires SSL connection.