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SMTP Server Manager

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You can add/modify SMTP configuration under "SMTP Server Manager", it can be used to send email in Web Client or Lua script.





Click the "Add SMTP Configuration" button to add an SMTP server settings.



The identifier for you to distinguish this SMTP server from other SMTP servers.


Sender Name:

FTP server will use this as the sender's name.


Sender Email:

FTP server will use this as the sender's email address.


Need Auth:

If your SMTP server needs authentication, just enable this option and input the username/password.


SMTP Server:

The server address of this SMTP server. It should be a domain name (e.g., or an IP address (e.g., 231.56.789.24).


SMTP Port:

The listener port of this SMTP server, default SMTP port is 25.


SMTP Username:

The account name is associated with authentication for the SMTP server.



Whether the SMTP server requires TLS/SSL connection.