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File Access

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Configure file access rules to allow or deny access to this domain.




Banned files are files that can't be accessed on the server. You can specify file/path mask (?, * supported) : *.jpg, c:\path\images_200?\

Using this form, you can define deny/allow access based on Filename for this domain.


If you do not specify any file/path, all users can access all the files on the server. But if you set an allow list, all users can only access the files allowed in the list. If you set a deny list, all users can access the files except those in the deny list. The order of the rules is very important too.


For example


Allow  *.rar

Can not access/store any file except *.rar.


Deny  *.zip

Can access/store any file except *.zip.



Rule list


The rule list shows the current list and order of file access rules. Rules can be added and removed from the list using the Add and Delete buttons.

Also, the order of the rules may be altered using the Up and Down buttons on the right of the rule list.


Supported wildcards


To define access rules, you can use the wildcards ? and *.




The domain's File Access list has priority over the user account's File Access list.