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You can see all the online sessions here.


To view the detailed information on a specific session, just double-click on the session.





Immediately kick the selected session, and there are three options available:


Disconnect - Immediately disconnects the session. Another session can be immediately established by the disconnected client. This is also known as "kicking" the user.

Disconnect and ban IP - Immediately disconnects the session and bans their IP address for the specified number of minutes, preventing them from immediately reconnecting.

Disconnect and block IP permanently - Immediately disconnects the session and adds a deny IP access rule for their IP address, preventing them from ever reconnecting from the same IP address.



Kick All

Immediately kick all the online sessions.


View Log

View the detailed information on a selected session.



Only the FTP protocol supports chatting with system administrators. The FTP client can send a message to the server via command "SITE MSG."



Send a message to all FTP sessions.