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Audit & Report

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If you enable the option "Audit & Report" in the system settings, Wing FTP Server will record all the transactions into an SQLite database, and then you can analyze it and generate reports in real-time.






In the above interface, you can view all the transactions page by page, and you can also add filters to display the data that meet the filtering criteria (just need to click the button "+" ).





For a "LIKE" filter, you can use the wildcards "%" and "_," "%" matches zero or more characters, and "_" matches a single character.



You can generate "Weekly Report," "Monthly Report," and "Custom Report," for the "Custom Report," you can specify the start time, end time, or the username.




Finally, you will get a statistical report with general statistics and Top Files/IPs/Users, and you can print it out or save it as an HTML file.