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IP Access

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Configure IP access rules to allow or deny access for the administrators.




If you do not specify any IP address, the administrators can log on the server from any IP address. But if you set allowed rules, the administrators will only gain access from the IP addresses specified in the allowed rules. If you set denied rules, the administrators will have access to the server from any IP address except those specified in the denied rules. The order of the rules is also critical.


For example:



Refuse connections from any IP except





Administrator from localhost

Remember whatever  IP rules you add, administrators can always login from the local IP address




Supported wildcards


Wing FTP Server supports IP address ranges and wildcards, which are shown as below:

IP address must be exactly matched(e.g.,

A specified range of IP addresses, e.g.

A specified range of IP addresses, e.g.


*.*.*.* or xxx.*.*.* or*.* or*

Any valid IP address value (For example, 192.168.*.* represents any IP between and


CIDR convention is also supported : (represents any IP between and