1  Main menu

  • Open Site manager and option setting dialog
  • Import and export queue file
  • Set language and other GUI options...
  • Open, delete, rename file/directory, create directory and mark items...
  • Connect to or disconnect from server, switch to server or local mode
  • Transfer selected item
  • Start/stop processing the queue
  • Set the file exists action

2 Tool-bar

  • Access to frequently used actions such as "Site manager", "Option", "Refresh" and "Terminal"

3 Quick connection bar

  • Quickly connect to a site without opening the site manager

4  Log view

  • Display the simplified or detailed log

5 Tabs selector of window list

  • Add or remove tab page

6 Server File View

  • Switch to local file view
  • Connect to or disconnect from a server
  • Change directory
  • Transfer file/directory to local or another server
  • Delete or rename remote file/directory

7 Local file view

  • Switch to remote file view
  • Open the local file/directory
  • Transfer file/directory to server
  • Delete or rename local file/directory

8 Queue view

  • Start or stop processing the queue
  • Delete the selected or all item in the queue
  • Import or export the queue file
  • Set the file exists action
  • Reset the successful, failed, and skipped queue

9 Status-bar

  • Indicates the number of files/bytes transferred, total sites, and running time