Main class is used to operate the main interface, such as creating, closing, and switching tab pages.

FirstView class is used to operate the current active first view. 

All operations in the firstview interface can be done through the functions of the Firstview class. Such as connect to a server, disconnect from

a server, switch mode, create directory, remove file, transfer file/directory, etc.

For example:

FirstView.Connect("demo");                //Connect the first view to the "demo" site.

FirstView.Disconnect();                        //Disconnect from server.

FirstView.Transfer("download");        //Transfer the "download" dir to the second view.

FirstView.Transfer("Test.exe");        //Transfer the "Test.exe" file to the second view.

FirstView.SwitchToLoca();                //Switch to local mode.

FirstView.SwitchToServer();                //Switch to server mode.

FirstView.DeleteDir("download");        //Delete the "download" directory.

FirstView.DeleteFile("Test.exe");        //Delete the "Test.exe" file.

View all functions of the class FirstView, please refer to FirstView API reference

SecondView class is used to operate the current active second view. All functions are the same as FirstView