File filter allows you highlight the filename and skip the file/folder you want not to transfer.

Mask - The mask supports wildcard and regular expressions.


There are two kind of wildcards, one is (*), the other is (?). (*) stands for any number of characters (?)stands for one character. and         they are case-insensitive. 


*.txt matchs aaa.txt and bbb.txt 

a?.txt matchs aa.txt and ab.txt 

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions allow to search complex patterns of words. it looks a bit hard for novices, but it's really simple and powerful.  To learn how it works, please visit

Color - You can select a color and all folders/files will be displayed as this color at server view.

Scope - Choose to skip file or directory transfer

Skip transfer - Which transfer type needs to be skipped


Create a new filter

Edit a filter

Delete a filter

Move up a filter, the filter in the front has a higher priority 

Move down a filter mark, the lower filter has a lower priority

Include global file filters - Indicates whether this site contains the global file filter defined in "Option->File Filter"