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Use 'STAT-l' command for listing directory: when checked this option, FTP Rush use 'STAT -l' command to listing FTP directory instead of LIST command. 'STAT -l' list directory via FTP command channel without connect to FTP data channel, for most time it's faster than LIST command. but not all FTP server support this feature. (as we know, glftpd and RaidenFTPD and ioFTPD support it)


Trim leading space of folders and files: when checked this option, all SPACE character will be cut from name of FTP folders and files.


Custom List Command: if checked, you can set a customize List command from the combobox.


Enable UPnP: if checked, FTP Rush will use UPnP if available when Listing/transferring automatically.



Use directory cache

Use Global setting: when selected this entry, the directory cache feature will follow the global directory cache setting.

Yes: when selected this entry, FTP server will use directory cache

No: when selected this entry, FTP server will not use directory cache


FTP directory Charset

This feature is for FTP Rush Unicode version only and the site do not support UTF-8 to listing directory.

by select a correct charset you can read the right folders/files name.

for example when you connect to a korean language FTP with english windows, without this option you can not read file name. after select korean and reconnect to the site, you may read it well.



FTP directory paser

by default, FTP Rush can parsing directory format of most FTP Servers. if you know the FTP server , you can set it manully when the parsing failed.