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Window List

Navigate via tabs: Sets using tab mode to switch windows

Multiple Lines: Sets using multiple lines to display tabs

Show Tab at Bottom: Sets showing tabs at bottom or top.

Limit width of Tabs: Sets the width limit of tabs


Display Caption Area of Dock Panel

Docking as Tab Style: shows caption area of panels when

docking as tab style

Window List: shows caption area of window list

Transfer Log: shows caption area of transfer log

FTP Log: shows caption area of FTP log

System Log: shows caption area of system log

Queue: shows caption area of queue window

Task Window: shows caption area of task window

Remote and local: shows caption area of remote and local window.


Remote/Local Window

Use Tab Switching for Remote and Local Window: Sets Using Tab Switching for Remote and Local Window

Use Large Icons for Remote/Local window: Sets Using Large Icons for Remote/Local window



Disable Update Main FTP Toolbar: Disable this can accelerate the main interface's display speed when you using individual toolbar for each window.

Enable Double Buffer Painting for Dock Panel: Enables double buffer painting for dock panel. Double Buffer can effectively reduce flicker of windows, although this option costs more memory.