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FTP Server

Protocol: by select entry of protocol combobox to setup connection protocol of FTP server

Normal FTP Server: this is a normal FTP server without SSL connection

SSL FTP(AUTH TLS): this is a SSL FTP server and use 'AUTH TLS' command to open SSL connection. (example: glftpd)

SSL FTP(Implicit SSL): this is a SSL FTP server using implicit SSL connection (example: RaidenFTPD, Serv-U)

SSL FTP(AUTH SSL): this is a SSL FTP server and use 'AUTH SSL' command to open SSL connection. (example: ioFTPD, G6FTPD).

SSH FTP(v1/v2/v3/v4/v5): this is a SSH FTP server, SSH FTP is not same as normal FTP protocol, it use SSH not SSL as encryption

See also: SSL Option


Host: host of FTP server, it can be a domain name or a IP address, FTP Rush supports multiple Host:Port entry for a single FTP server, so you can use the Host combobox to select a proper entry. to add a entry to Host list, click the general1b1 icon. to remove current host from Host list, click the general1b2 icon.


Port: port of FTP server, default FTP port is 21, and default SSH FTP port is 22


Username:  a name used to gain access to FTP server, if you do not have a username, please checked "Anonymous login"


Password: password of your username


Anonymous login: by checked this option, FTP Rush login FTP without username and password


Passive mode: by checked this option, FTP listing/uploading/downloading will use passive mode(PASV) for data channel, passive mode is helpful if you are behind NAT/firewall. uncheck this option to tell FTP Rush using active mode(PORT) for data channel. when enabled passive mode and PASV command fails, FTP Rush try to use active mode(PORT) for listing/uploading/downloading again, this feature is useful if you do not know this FTP server supports passive mode or not. but when you are behind NAT/firewall, acitve mode(PORT) may not working for you.


Server use NAT/Non-routable/Masq IP: by checked this option, FTP Rush will use the site host ip as PASV address to listing FTP directory.


Timezone: sets the site's timezone, if you do not know the timezone, leave it as "Unknown / Do not adjust". Some FTP server (like Serv-U) supports "Site Zone" command to get site's timezone automatically. or you can select a timezone from the timezone combobox.



Maximum simultaneous transfers per Tab:  you can transfer multi task and browse remote file at same time. If this site only allow one connection, just set this value to 0 then FTP Rush will use browsing  connection to download/upload files.



Remote path:

Local path:



The first input box called "short description", the text here will be displayed in the favorites dropdown menu.

The memo is for site description.

           The memo is for writting site description.