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Email Address: This mail address used to anonymous login. FTP server requests a password when you login FTP with anonymous account, FTP Rush will use this mail address as password when connecting.


Default Download Path: FTP Rush use this path as default download path when FTP server has not a default local path.


Data folder path: FTP Rush use this path to store settings, for example. your rushsite.xml and rushcfg.xml


Backup configuration files daily: if this option be checked, FTP Rush will do backup of your settings every day, the folder named "backup" and inside the Data folder path with Max 4 days.



Cache FTP Directories: If this option be checked, FTP Rush will load directory list from cache instead of send a LIST command to FTP Server when next time visit the same directory


Update Cache of Transfering Direcory: If you enabled "Cache FTP Directories", FTP Rush will load directory list from cache, to get latest folders/files from FTP Server, enabled this option.


Live Update

Auto Check New Version at Startup: FTP Rush supports check new version when it startup, and Popup a notification window if found a new version.




Allow only 1 instance of FTP Rush at a time: By enable this option you can use only 1 instance of FTP Rush.


Show Splash at Startup: uncheck this option to hide splash screen when FTP Rush startup



Keep Log buffer at least xx lines: FTP Rush display FTP reply messages at Log Window, Messages older than Log Buffer line will be deleted from Log Window. Max Log Buffer is 1000 lines.


Enable log to disk: by enabled this option FTP Rush saves logs into disk files with max 4 days


Update logs to main window every 300ms: if checked this option, FTP Rush send the FTP logs to main window every 300ms instead of sending logs line by line. it's useful with large and fast transfers.


Thread Pool

              Min: minimize size of thread pooling

              Max: maximize size of thread pooling.

               Create and destroy threads waste CPU time. so FTP Rush build in a high performance and auto-balance thread pool to speed up the multi-threading kernel.


UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)

Enable UPnP: By enable this option FTP Rush will add/remove port from your WAN router automaticlly. It's useful when you behind a inter network and access FTP Server with Active Mode(PORT) or use IdentD feature. To using UPnP, you at least need a router support UPnP feature.