Event Notification

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Event Notification



Enable Sounds Event: if checked this option, Ftprush will play certain sounds when certain event happens


Enable Popup Window of Tray Icon: if check this option,  FTP Rush will display system tray popup message when certain event happens


Auto Hide Popup window after: sets the time the alerts window shows


Event List

FTP Connected: when connected to FTP Server


FTP Disconnected: when disconnected from FTP Server


Queue Finished: when all queue of ANY queue window be transfered.

Note: This event will not be processed if No Transfer notification enabled and there have no more transfers.


Error: when FTP Rush got a error


File Exists: when transfering and found the file exists at Target FTP


Keep Alive: when FTP Rush try to send a Anti Idle command to FTP Server


Run Task: when a Task be executed


Queue Error: when a transfering queue item got a Error


No Transfer: when ALL queues be transfered or stopped


File transfered: when a file transfered


Execute Script: when a script file or module be executed