Command line

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Command line syntax


Command line can let FTP Rush performs some actions when it startup. the syntax is described below


FTP Rush.exe -<switch1> -<switchN>




Open debug mode, FTP Rush will display more information at Logs

Example: FTP Rush.exe -d



Tell FTP Rush open how many new window

Example: FTP Rush.exe -w10


c[FTP Url]

Tell FTP Rush connect to specifies FTP URL


Example: FTP Rush.exe -c127.0.0.1



Tell FTP Rush you own a BetaUser license

Example: FTP Rush.exe -b



Use custom data folder path for FTP Rush.


if you want FTP Rush using config files in c:\bak1

FTP Rush.exe -f"c:\bak1"


if you want FTP Rush using config files from the folder FTP Rush installed

FTP Rush.exe -f


Run all queue when startup, this param works for licensed version only


FTP Rush.exe -r


the attributes mask includes:

t: minimize to system tray

for example: FTP Rush.exe -rt


x: exit ftprush if there have no any queues exists

for example: FTP Rush.exe -rxt