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Script support array constructors and support to variant arrays. To construct an array, use "[" and "]" chars. You can construct multi-index array nesting array constructors. You can then access arrays using indexes. If array is multi-index, separate indexes using ",".


If variable is a variant array, script automatically support indexing in that variable. A variable is a variant array is it was assigned using an array constructor, if it is a direct reference to a Delphi variable which is a variant array (see Delphi integration later) or if it was created using VarArrayCreate procedure. Arrays in script are 0-based index.




NewArray := [ 2,4,6,8 ];


Num:= NewArray[1]; //Num receives "4"


MultiArray := [ ['green','red','blue'] , ['apple','orange','lemon'] ];


Str:=MultiArray[0,2]; //Str receives 'blue'

MultiArray[1,1]:='new orange';