Speed Limit
Sets upload and download speed limits. These limits will apply to all transfers.
Limit Max Download Speed to: Max Download Speed limit
Limit Max Upload Speed to: Max Upload Speed limit
Bypass Speed Limit for Local Address: If checked, FTPRush will not limit intranet FTP's transfer speed

Filename Convert
Sets filename case conversion during transfer
Unchanged: keep original filename case.
ALL UPPERCASE: converts all letters to uppercase
all lowercase: converts all letters to lowercase
First letter uppercase: converts first letter to uppercase

Uploading and Downloading
Force Active Mode for uploading and downloading: If checked, FTPRush will always use active mode for upload and download even the FTP sever is connected in PASV mode.

Stop and Resume if No Data Recieved: If checked, When no data is received in a certain amount of time, FTPRush will reconnect to the FTP server and resume the queue.

When Resume Download, Roll back:  If checked, FTPRush will roll back a certain amount of kilobyte when resume the downloading of a file.  This helps to download files correctly.

Keep Free HDD Space at least: Sets how much free HDD space need to be reserved when downloading. If sets to zero, FTPRush will not  check the remaining HDD free space during download.

Maximum simultaneous transfers per Tab:  you can transfer multi task and browse remote file at same time. If your sites only allow one connection, just set this value to 0 then FTPRush will use browsing connection to download/upload files for all sites.

TCP/IP Buffer Size
Sets TCP/IP buffer size. Up to 1M bytes. Warning: This is a advanced feature, except you know what you doing, otherwise keep it as default 8k size

Transfer Mode
Sets file transfer mode
Auto:  Automatically choose transfer mode by FTPRush
Binary:  use binary mode to transfer files
ASCII:  use ASCII mode to transfer files

On Transfer Completed
Sets actions after finishing transfer
Idle: µħStay idle on FTP server after finishing transfer
Disconnect: Disconnect from FTP server after finishing transfer