Find files at Sites

Search for: search files on ftp server, supports wild cards, separate keywords by using semicolon (; )
Exclude: Narrow search results by excluding keywords
Search In: directories and subdirectories to search
Depth: Searching depth, 0 to include all subdirectories
Folder and file: searching folders and files
Folder: searching folders only
File: searching files only

Date between:  if checked, Datetime of the folder/file between the condition will be transferred
Not Older than:  this is date condition too, if matches, the folder/file will be transferred.
File size: folder/files match the range of file size will be transferred.

Display the progress of searching and search result

Search: starts searching
Stop: stops searching
Close: close this dialog

Popup menu
Right-click on the searching result listview.

Add the selected to queue: add the selected folders/files to current queue window
Add parent dir of the selected to queue: add the parent dir of selected folders/files to current queue window. it's useful if you want to transfer the whole folder instead of single file.
Copy URL: copy FTP URL of the selected folders/files to clipboard.
View File: view the selected file
Edit File: edit the selected file
Attributes(CHMOD): modify attributes of the selected folders/files
Delete: delete the selected folders/files