LDAP Integration with shared folder

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LDAP Integration with shared folder

Postby fabian » Mon May 26, 2014 1:10 pm

I am currently setting up the Wing FTP in our company.
So far everything is working as expected.
But now I am not sure how to configure something the correct way:
We use LDAP and I want the users to have a personal home directory. So if they want to share a file, they just login and use the weblink function after uploading something to share it.

But it would also be great if they have an additional (virtual) folder like “!Shared with all” that they can access and use to share with other people in the company.
Is there any option to assign such a folder (via a local user, group, lua script,…) to all users logging onto the FTP via LDAP? That this could be done via AD mapping I am aware but I don’t want to do this manual work as it is a few hundred users.

Maybe even better (but I guess something for the wishlist) it would be if it could be done via the LDAP groups. If someone is in group A he should get the permissions/virtual folders from local ftp group A.

Thanks for your help
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