FTP Rush Transfer Error

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FTP Rush Transfer Error

Postby proxywizard » Thu Oct 03, 2013 7:16 am

Hi there ,

i googled a lot and could not find a solution to my problem
I am using FTP Rush to transfer data between server to server , and i am using it on a Window 7 Ultimate .
the installation went perfect also i can log into both my server perfectly ( i know this as i can see the directory listing )
However when i start a transfer the I see the below message in Log coming up .
Also even if i leave it overnight the files do not get transferred but i see the message "Transfering" under speed and the % is "0" as well .
A folder is created in the destination server but no files under it is transferred .
Also i checked with both server and they support FXP .
[1] CWD .
[1] 250 OK. Current directory is /torrents/completed/Underbelly.BluRay.x264-BWB/Underbelly.Squizzy.S06E01.Squizzy.Steps.Out.720p.BluRay.x264-BWB
[1] PWD
[1] 257 "/torrents/completed/Underbelly.BluRay.x264-BWB/Underbelly.Squizzy.S06E01.Squizzy.Steps.Out.720p.BluRay.x264-BWB" is your current location
[2] CWD .
[2] 250 CWD command successful
[2] PWD
[2] 257 "/media/**/home/***/private/rtorrent/data/123" is the current directory.

PLZ i would deepely appreciate if someone can assist me
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