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Postby optiix » Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:23 pm

Hello guys. I have discussed this with some friends some time now, and I came up with the solution: Why don't just ask the guys we baught the software from, if they can make this option in the near future! =)

What we want is:

Be able to add one or more watch-folders on the local computer or remote FTP site.
If the watchfolder is a remote FTP site we would want the option to setup when/how often the client will automaticly connect to this FTP site and check/watch for new dirs and files. (Every 1 minute? Every 2 minutes? Every 10 minutes? Once an hour?)
IF new dirs and files are found it will start to transfer this new dirs/files to a local destination (own computer where the ftprush client is running) or a remote site that you are able to choose. And if a checksum file (.sfv?) is included and it says that Example: "for now only 2 of 10 files are ready from the local source folder according to the checksum file". Then FTPrush will watch the dir more often (every 10 sec?) and connect and start the transfers by itself so for example all new .PHP files will be uploaded and not justt 50% of them, and then the function will hold for your next Standard watchtime! (Cuz that is no fun if your watchtime is set to 1h as told higher in this request). Ofcourse you want all the files uploaded to the destination site as quick as possible.

That shouldnt be to hard for you, right?! =)

Please answer this request with: No, yes or maby asap. (and when if so)
I really belive in you guys! ;)

Over and out, optiix.
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