random slow transfer issues.

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random slow transfer issues.

Postby bayard0 » Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:50 pm

I am having a weird issue, connecting to a SSL FTP site and i use 4 simultanious transfers.

for some reason, some of the transfers either go really fast, or really slow. sometimes all 4 transfers will go really fast 500kb/s, then once one file is down and it goes to the next in the queue, it may or may not download fast, it may download really slow, like 10-30kb/s.

here is a screenshot showing how some transfers were going fast (100kb/s+) and then some going really slow (20kb/s)

If i click on the abort button on FTP Rush and then Start Queue button, then that same file that it was slow on, will either continue fast/slow.. really can't say what is causing this.

Here is a test i just did again:
4 transfers going at 20kb/s

then i did a abort & restarted the queue & some of the same file transfers went faster.

I'm on 2.1.8 and I've also changed the TCP buffers to 128 kb.
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