More web client thoughts...

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More web client thoughts...

Postby webturtles » Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:41 pm

A few more thoughts on the web client.

-Fall back non-java upload option (even if it is only one file at a time)
-Inform the user somehow about their lack of java software (rather than java tools just not working - maybe a note upfront about the use of Java)
-Based on the user/folder permissions change the status of the toolbar icons (grey out uploads/create directory etc if required)
-As mentioned previously offer a more windows explorer like view (folders on left and files on right)
-some reference to who is logged in.

Many thanks
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Re: More web client thoughts...

Postby FTP » Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:44 am


Thanks for your suggestion!

1. Multi-files upload component was built with flex script, not java, it also can detect whether your machine has installed flash 8.0+. If not, it will show you a button "switch to simple mode".

2. About non-java notification, I think it depends on browser type. Some browsers will inform you, some not.

3. We will consider your sugguestion. But it is hard to check whether that directory has permission or not, because administrator can change that directory's permission in real time.

4. We are planning to add a history list feature to the Web Client, but your opinion is adding a directory tree view, I think it is hard to realize for some reason, and it will break the layout of the Web Client.

5. We will consider your sugguestion.
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