HTTP Login page customization

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HTTP Login page customization

Postby matusc » Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:48 am

That's nice if I can use my custom logo on the login HTTP page. But from my point of view it seems that the logo has only one version for all server. If I use several IP and several domains - what about to use for every domain it's custom domain logo? (for different companies for example)

And 2nd request - I appreciate your multilanguage support (Czech language in our case) in HTTP client too. If you will add more unusual languages it could be great to setup default language (maybe again for every domain). I have experience that many users does not expect there could be any minor language support, so they use only default English. Why to spent time with multilanguage support and not use it by standard users, but only by admins and advanced users (who often don't use them :) )
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Re: HTTP Login page customization

Postby FTP » Thu Nov 26, 2009 11:53 am

Thanks for your advice, for the first suggestion, I think it is a good idea and we will add this feature in the next release. And for the second one, I think you are not wrong, but according to most users' requirement, multi-languages selector is a better choice. Because web client users may come from different countries, someone speaks English,someone speaks French,and someone speaks Czech... and the Web Client can remember and change user language automaticlly, it will not take your operating time.

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