folder synchronized browser and custom shortcut key

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folder synchronized browser and custom shortcut key

Postby itweb » Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:50 am

i like ftprush ftp client when i first time meet it sevral years ago.
the most special feature is it support open multiple window, but for some reason i havent use it for some time.i find there have two major reason i most wanted.

1. directory synchronized browser. i want there is a menu can quick access it for this function.e.g. (&Tools/&SynchronizdBrowser) if checked , when ever i change the local folder the remote will also changed, and vice versa, when i enter remote folder /web/site/1 the local folder also change to [ROOT DIR]/web/site/1

2. custom shorcut key. if it hard to implement for all functions. should it support when selected one file item, i can press custom key , e.g. (Ctr+G) to launch custom editor to open the file
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