Blocking IP's after specific login attempt

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Blocking IP's after specific login attempt

Postby danesp » Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:57 pm


One of the most annoying things when managing an FTP server is "Anonymous" users attempting to gain access to the FTP server without permission. They even try to run log in scripts in an attempt to hack the user/password data.
This happens many times everyday and 100% of the time, the IP originates from outside of the US.
I setup anti-hammering, so it bans there IP for a few days after 3 failed log on attempts.

Is there a way to automatically block any log in attempts from any IP originating from outside the US ?
I guess there would have to be a script to run that submits the IP address to an external site that returns a country code?

I shut off anonymous user access but that still doesn't stop people from attempting the anonymous user name. Is there a way to completely reject the anonymous attempts without retries?

Would anyone know how to solve any of these issues on wing ftp?

Any other solutions for this annoyance is appreciated.

thanks much
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Re: Blocking IP's after specific login attempt

Postby FTP » Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:19 pm

I think it is impossible to return a country code for Anti-hammering.

And you can block some specified IPs, but you can't block who attempt to log in as anonymous, I think you need't to worry about this.
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