Invalid SSH key file! (cannot Add SSH Key)

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Invalid SSH key file! (cannot Add SSH Key)

Postby eordona » Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:29 pm

I am on the linux version 4.0.9.

In Administration, when I go to Server -> Settings -> SSH Key Manager, I push the "Add SSH Key" button. A dialog box comes up with the following entries:

Key Name:
SSH Key Path: (with a 'Browse' button next to it)

'Create Key File' (button)

For the life of me I cannot add a key, no matter what format I try public or private, (Putty/.ppk, OpenSSH, SSH2, etcetera). All I get is the message "Invalid SSH key file!".

When I click "Create Key File" it creates a PUBLIC .key file.

What gives? I presume this is where my private key should be stored, not my public key?

What is the trick to get this to work??
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Re: Invalid SSH key file! (cannot Add SSH Key)

Postby eordona » Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:46 pm

In this knowledgebase article: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=502" rel="nofollow

... can you clarify:

Step 1-5. -- Shouldn't the private key be saved on the server side? (and as I asked earlier in this thread -- where?). My understanding of ssh passwordless logons is that the private ssh key STAYS on the local server (in this case the WingFTP server), and the public key is sent to the other server for storage in the authorized keys on the remote server.
Step 1-6. -- Shouldn't the public key be used on the client (i.e. the other server) side? I don't think you send private keys out to other servers / partners.
Step 3. -- Shouldn't this be "Server administrator specify THEIR public key to an user." In other words, my connecting partner would generate a public key off their server (i.e. the remote or other server) and would provide it to me. I don't believe we should apply OUR public key within a user's profile.

Unless I am misunderstanding what should be happening. However, I have set this up (not using the WingFTP software) using the following methodology in my linux server environment and it HAS worked using the standard sshd daemon. I am struggling with this functionality in WingFTP.

Generate private/public keypair on local server
Send public key from local server to remote server, add it to authorized keys on remote server
Generate private/public keypair on remote server
Bring remote public key from remote server to local server, add it to authorized keys on local server

... hence my requests for clarification above -- the knowledgebase article language doesn't seem right. Please advise,



Actual original article:
How to use SSH public key?
by FTP » Thu Sep 30, 2010 11:28 pm

Step 1 - Generate an SSH key pair
You can use Putty (puttygen.exe) to generate SSH key pair, you may download puttygen for free from here
1-1. Download and start the puttygen.exe.
1-2. In the "Parameters" section choose SSH-2 RSA and press Generate.
1-3. Move your mouse randomly in the small screen in order to generate the key pairs.
1-4. Type in the passphrase and confirm it. The passphrase is used to protect your key. You will be asked for it when you connect via SSH.
1-5. Click "Save private key" to save your private key (for client side).
1-6. Click "Save public key" to save your public key (for server side).

Step 2 - Send the public key to the server

Step 3 - Server administrator specify the public key to an user
At "Domains->Users->Edit User->General->SSH public key path(optional):"

Then you can login the server with SSH using your private key.
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